Welcome to New York 

This summer, my family and I traveled to the East Coast of the US – and for one week to New York City. 

On our first day, after we brought our suitcases to our apartment in Brooklyn, we explored East Village by foot for the rest of the afternoon. 

The next day we walked through Manhattan, stood next to the Flatiron building and took a look over the city from the Empire State Building. 

The view of Manhattan from Ellis Island (where all the immigrants arrived in the early 20th century)  and Liberty Island (where you can find the Statue of Liberty) is breathtaking! 

Ground Zero impressed me the most of our whole trip to NYC. To actually stand where something as horrible as 9/11 happened and to see what was built upon it until now was very touching. 

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge was pretty much the hottest experience I’ve ever made. But despite the fact that I was melting and the Bridge was crowded by tourists, it was definitely worth it to be at such an iconic place. 

This picture of the Downtown Manhattan was taken at Brooklyn Heights at night. The ever-glowing skyline is even prettier in reality than what it looks like in photos. 

All in all I have to say that it wasn’t as impressive as I’d imagined it to be to stand in the streets of New York. I’d always wanted to travel there and I definitely enjoyed it and want to come back. But I wasn’t overwhelmed by the height of all the skyscrapers or the business on Times Square. Maybe that is because I’ve always been someone who likes to be in busy cities … 

If you plan to visit New York City I’d recommend renting an apartment like we did. By that you get the impression of actually living there. 

I hope you liked this travel post! 


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