20 years of Placebo 

I’d been waiting for November 4th for more than half a year: Since Placebo announced their 20-years-of-Placebo-world tour. The concert in Munich took place in the Olympiahalle.

The opening act was “Deaf Havana”. They are a British rock band I hadn’t heard of before, but which I definitely enjoyed listening to in the beginning of the evening. 

Placebo is my favourite band. Which means my expectations were extremely high, especially because it was the first concert by them.

And they didn’t disappoint me. Since the tour is built around their greatest hits, the first part was so called “sentimental” (they played Song To Say Goodbye for example),  the second for partying, which means they played faster songs like For What It’s Worth then. They played almost all of the songs I had hoped for, especially Twenty Years and Soulmates. 

The only thing I disliked about the concert was, that a big part of the audience not seemed to have fun because they didn’t stand up or didn’t dance. 

But all in all: Please come again to Munich, I loved it! 


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