My Spotify Year In Review

Every December Spotify releases a complete review of the music that came out throughout the year. And within all the most listened songs in every genre they also bring out a personilized playlist of your favourite songs of the year.        

In this blogpost I wanted to share my playlist with you. 
My song number one is The Anchor. As you may know after my last blogpost, I was at a Bastille concert in November which explains why one of their favourite songs is on my first place and two other songs from Wild World are on there as well.

That I prefer the live version of Twenty Years to the normal one was just intensified when Placebo played it at their concert that was in November, too. Soulmates and Speak in tongues are also some of my favourite songs by my favourite band. 

Intro by The xx is just amazing, I can’t express it any differently. I don’t really listen to more than three or four of their songs, but this one is definitely right on the third place here.

Don’t, Won’t, Can’t is probably my favourite song from Biffy Clyro’s newest album Ellipsis, next to Animal style that is on the 9th place of my Spotify playlist. You’ll get more details to this particular album in my next blogpost, where I’ll be writing about my favourite albums of 2016. 

 On the 8th place is the last song from a different artist, which is Real by Of Mice And Men. It’s their only song that I listen to at the moment, but I do it very often. It simply creates a very happy feeling for me! 
All in all I have to say that the playlist isn’t completely accurate since I only have my Spotify account since October or so. This means that songs that I listened to during the first half of 2016 are left out. But I think it’s a nice idea to create those kind of review playlists for users, I found it quite interesting how much I’ve apparently listened to some songs.       

Do you have Spotify and if yes, which song is on your first place?                            

If you’d like to check my complete playlist out, my username on Spotify is moni.30r
I hope you liked this kind of blogpost! 


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