Hello, 2017 

It seems like the whole world is talking about how terrible 2016 was, but for me it wasn’t, really. 

After 2015, my personal most terrible year, I experienced some awesome things in 2016. I saw three of my favourite artists in concert ( Twenty One Pilots, Placebo and Bastille ). I found new friends and improved old friendships. I was even chosen to take part in a creative writing course and read one of my stories in front of more the a hundred people. A dream of mine came true! 

Me at Brooklyn Heights in front of the Manhattan Skyline

Another dream I achieved was to visit New York City! When I look back to that week in summer, I always smile. I will never forget those memories and I definitely plan to come back. 

Shot a 3D-photo gallery

But what about 2017 now? 

I want to start with getting a new haircut. And trying not to think of the people who don’t like me (anymore) and all the things others do, but I don’t. If I want to party, great, but if I don’t and just want to stay at home and binge-watch by favourite series, that’s totally okay as well. I don’t need to be pretty like the girls I admire. I don’t need to have the cool people as friends as long as I have real ones. 

Instead of putting  me down, I should think of the things I want to do or change this year. I want to travel a lot, get to know more countries of our planet. I want to make this year even fuller of concerts than the last one: I’m gonna start with Alex Clare in February. I want to improve my writing skills. And I want to make this blog grow. 

I hope you’ll take this jouney to my true self with me. 


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