Aside of music and sometimes fashion or travel, I´d like to share some personal thoughts on my blog from time to time. Personally I love reading about bloggers´ opinions and lives, so I´m going to give you the opportunity to get to know me better as well.

Winter and me – that is a twisted relationship. I´ve always loved snow: the whole world looks peaceful and even when it´s dark outside, I feel like it´s a lot brighter than normal. I even seem to cop better with the cold, although the temperature is falling below zero degrees. I like being outside then, going into the forest or onto the lake near my home. This year it froze completely for the first time in several years.

As soon as it gets warmer and it begins to rain instead of snow, everything gets muddy and winds start to blow,I tend to crawl in my bed. I immediately start wishing for spring – but the problem is, it´s only February.

Around this time of the year I get motivated to do sports again, especially to go jogging. I try to tell myself I´m going to start as soon as it gets warmer (which probably won´t happen very soon) – I procrastinate.

And I don´t only do it with sports. At the moment I attend grade 11 at school, which is the second last grade in my form of school here in Germany. This means that I generally have to study a lot, especially during the period with all of our tests. The year is divided into two semesters, every one has one of those test periods. At the moment I´m at the end of the first semester which means I can relax for some time.

You may think: ,,cool, now she can concentrate on other things and actually do stuff”. Nope. I know, I could. I could do sports all the time, write blogposts all day and finally get better at creative writing. In reality I sleep, watch youtube and TV and sometimes go out with friends. I definitely don´t use my time to the fullest.

I crave spring, so I can go out again. I crave spring, so that there´s sun until nine o´clock. I crave spring, so that I can wear cute clothes again. And I crave motivation to write and to get all my plans done.

I´ve got an idea for a novel for half a year now – but I never started to write it. I´d like to spend more time with my pets – I never do it. I´d like to listen to all those bands – I mostly just stick with the ones I already know. And I told myself to study more, when school gets stressful again, because I want to get good marks. But I already see myself lying in bed with my laptop next to myself, being too lazy to do anything and watching another lookbook video on youtube.

Wish me good luck and tons of motivation to surprise myself. And hopefully you can relate to my winter struggles and maybe you´ll start your plans now as well – or at least stop procrastinating in every part of your life, like I do.


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