My favourite love songs

I personally won´t celebrate Valentine´s Day tomorrow and I don´t think it´s a holiday as important as the media makes it. But I thought it´s a good occasion to share my ten favourite love songs with you. Since V-Day should be happy, I only concentrated on happy songs, not on sad ones. I hope you enjoy this post!


1. Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

I don´t think there will ever be written a better and more powerful love song. I have to admit that I almost only listen to this one song by Metallica (that everyone knows) and not to their harder stuff. But listening to someone telling their love that nothing besides her matters will always be my favourite.


2. Wonderwall – Oasis

This one is a classic as well, I know, but it is one with reason. One that I know from my Mum to be honest.


3. Kein Liebeslied – Kraftklub

On my third place is a German rap-rock song that means no love song. The protagonist sings about his struggles to write a good love song for his crush which is probably the most adorable story ever.


4. The Anchor – Bastille

It´s the last song on Bastille´s new album and was a total surprise for me. If you´d like to read more about Wild World, there´s a whole blogpost about it and the concert in November.


5. Can´t Pretend – Tom Odell

This song might sound a little sad at first, but the lyrics are the complete opposite. It´s about a love he can´t deny. I’m going to write another seperate blogpost about the album that it´s on as well.


6. Rainy Zurich – The Fray

This time the song is in fact not a hundred percent happy, but it´s about being there for your partner, come what may.


7. Keeps Me Alive – Stanfour

This one is about a long-distance relationship.But a one that works. 


8. All We Are – JONAH

This one is probably the one that the least of you know, but it´s defnitely a gem. Try it.


9. R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys

This song perfectly describes the feeling of having a crush. Especially the time when you think you could still have a chance.


10. Fell In Love With A Girl – The White Stripes

The most happy song in this playlist comes right at the end. Probably the fastest song I know and it always makes me happy.



Honorable Mention: Cocoon – Milky Chance

I didn´t want to include this song above because I´ve just discovered it a few days ago. But it´s definitely worth listening to if you want to feel better!





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