Single Of The Month: February 

 Heavy is the first single by Linkin  Park from their upcoming album One More Light. It was released February 16th. 

It’s a rather slow and very emotional song about mental health problems. The single features, along with Chester Bennington,  another artist, young experimental-pop songwriter Kiiara.

I have to say that the song won’t become one of my favourite Linkin Park songs, but I do like it. It’s a song I don’t listen to all the time because its second half is a lot better than the first, which means that I mostly don’t click on it because of the beginning. And because lyrics like 

I’m holding on 

Why is everything so heavy  

tend to make it sound kind of cheesy at times. What gets me is the music behind the lyrics and, as always, Chester’s voice. 

I hope you enjoyed this brief recommendation! Tomorrow I’ll present you my album of the month, so stay tuned! 


8 thoughts on “Single Of The Month: February 

      1. Same! I actually really liked their last few albums so I have high hopes haha. Were you a fan of their recent stuff?


      2. Stoked to have you in the group! Feel free to share anything you’d like and we also have some cool daily prompts to spark conversation 🙂


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