It is time for another personal post. And it won’t be a happy one. Because I’m not sure how I want to go on with my blog. 

There are so many talented bloggers out there that I admire and that I love to read. Their writing is full of personal thoughts, feelings and their world view. It sounds authentic – and very individual. Lately I’ve felt like my blog isn’t good enough. 

I know that I’ve just started. My blog can’t be as good as blogs that have been written for years and that have evolved with time. I do know that. The problem is: I’d like to write less shallow. 

I feel like my writing isn’t meaningful enough. That my reviews aren’t very informative and don’t go into depth. That my personal blogposts can’t express what I’m actually feeling. I assume the reason for most of this is that my mother tongue is German – not English. 

I started this blog in English because I wanted to reach more people and it is still that way. I’m not really considering to only write in German – but maybe it will be the only way to keep up a satisfying blog in the long run. 

Of course I’m going to keep you updated if there will be any changes!  

On another note: On Monday You Me At Six are going to play in Munich – with me in the audience. This means that in a few days you’ll find a new concert review on this page. 

Have a nice weekend and I hope you liked this very honest post! 


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