Night People 

I’m still in the mood to go back to Monday evening. I’ve been listening to You Me At Six only for the past five days – because the concert was that good. Now I finally found the time to sit down and tell you about it. 

During their European Tour part of the Night People Tour, You Me At Six luckily also played a show at Backstage in Munich on Monday, March 13th. It was at a rather small room which meant that my friend and I stood pretty close to the stage. This was probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed the concert as much as I did. 

But the main reason was – of course – the music. 

I’m a rather new listener of this band. I’d heard of them before, but the first song I discovered (this January) was Bite My Tongue. I’m a big fan of Bring Me The Horizon and youtube suggested me this song because it features Oli Sykes as a second singer. I instantly fell in love with the rough, yet very emotional sound and as I saw the release of their new album Night People on Spotify, I had to give it a try. Which was worth it. 

On Monday Josh and the others seemed very happy to be on stage and I think this feeling was transfered to the audience as well. You Me At Six played a good mix of old and new songs, slow and fast ones. They started with Night People, the first song on the new Album with the same title. And they ended with Room To Breathe, one of their most popular songs and also one of my favourites. 

I think the interaction with the crowd was very personal and friendly – something that is only possible at a small show. 

The only two things I would have wished for were that they played more of the songs that I personally like (like Contagious Chemistry for example). But how should they know that I love lots of their not so popular songs? And the other thing is that I wish the concert had been longer – it only lasted about an hour. 

All in all I’m an even bigger fan of You Me At Six than before. This concert was one of my best concert experiences I’ve ever had. I can only recommend this band to everyone ou there who loves Pop Punk and Alternative Rock!


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