Album Of The Month: March

This time my review will be quite short because I have loads of stuff to do for school at the moment … 

Never the less I wanted to present you my favourite album release of this March: Dreamers by Mighty Oaks. 

This month surprisingly many artists released new albums – like Ed Sheeran with Divide or Milky Chance with Blossom – but Dreamers is the only one that I’ve immediatly liked. 

Again this band is one that I didn’t know until a few days ago, when I discovered Dreamers in the “new releases” section on Spotify. I’d discribe them as indie pop, very easy to listen to, but on the other side definitely emotional and not at all cheap-sounding. The album makes me think of a sunny but fresh spring evening, when all you can smell are the blossoming plants around you. It sounds like happiness and getting out of your house again. 

My favourite tracks on this release are All I Need and Never Look Back . Give this album definitely a try, it’s worth it! 

In a few days I’m going to present you my single of the month. Until then: have a nice week! 


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