Two Peace Signs 

This Monday I had the most personal concert experience ever – and probably one of the most personal possible. 

Leoniden, the newcomer band I already wrote about here, played a very small and intimite gig in Munich which was lots of fun. 
I went with my best friend whose first concert it was. I was a bit scared that she might not like it, but I think it was fun for her as well. 

The supporting act was a rap duo called I salute that tried their best, but couldn’t really get me. Not because they weren’t good, but simply because their songs aren’t exactly my type of music. 

That means that I was even happier when Leoniden started to play: songs that I know, music that I love. Indie just makes me feel better. We, the audience, were only about 50 people I’d say – and I stood close to the front. This room didn’t have a stage, so the band played at our level and when I stood in the front row at the end, I stood exactly in front / next to the singer. 
This and the fact that they stood in the audience while I Salute played and that they talked to fans before and after the gig made this evening so special for me and the band so very likeable. 

I hope you liked this post and definitely check out Leoniden’s instagram and their album on Spotify! 


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