Last Saturday’s evening was quite an experiment for me: I went to a concert of a band I’m not a fan of. Temples are one of my Dad’s favourite bands from the last few years and he wanted my Mum and me to come with him to the gig. Of course I didn’t say no to a concert I didn’t have to pay for myself – but I was still unsure if it would be worth it. 

My Dad has been playing their first album Sun Structures again and again in our living room, so I was quite familiar with it. Despite that I couldn’t really grow into liking it. They sound a bit like the Beatles and I know I’ll be hated for this, but I could never really understand what it is about the Beatles’ music that makes them so special either. 

When I was invited to the concert I wanted to listen to the Temples’ music a little more closely and tried their second album Volcano: Which I have to say I like a lot more! It sounds a little less retro, a little more like psychedelic pop/rock. Songs like Oh the saviour or Born into the sunset made me instantly feel happy. 

At the concert itself there definitely were songs that felt a little boring to me – which were the ones I hadn’t liked at home before. But the overall setlist was good and a few of the songs even made me dance. The one that I love now and didn’t recognize before is Move with the season from their first album. 

Their overall sound was harder and more like progressive/psychedelic rock than on the albums. And live music is almost always fun and something that makes me completely happy. 

At the end I have to say: this experience was definitely worth it. And though Temples will never be one of my favourite bands, I definitely appreciate them more now. Go check them out as well! 

I’m going to Prague in a few days so you can expect a huge travel post when I’m back! Until then, have a great time and happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! 


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