Rainy days in Prague 

A few weeks ago my Mum asked me to travel to a city of my choice for two nights – I chose Prague, the capital of Czech that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. This Monday we started by bus and arrived at 5 o’clock pm in the city of pretty buildings. 

Prague Castle
View over Vlatva River from Charles Bridge

After we’ve arrived in our hotel we walked through the city centre for a first impression and to find somewhere to eat. Full from asian noodles, we went up onto Old Town Hall Tower to get a good view over Prague and then we went on to Charles Bridge from where we could see Prague Castle in a beautiful sunset – despite the almost constant rain … 

Old Town Square

Since our second day was the only day that we were completely in Prague, we visited the most places. 

We started again by strolling through the streets. Before the rain started to fall in the early afternoon, we managed to see the Astronomical Clock again (which is at the Old Town Hall Tower) and the Old Town Square where it is situated. The whole square, which is the historical centre of Prague, represents the beautiful old achitecture that you can find everywhere in the city.  We also visited the Jewish Quarter and the Municipal House (from the outside). 

As it started to rain we had some coffee in the café of Leica photo gallery we’ve went to before. It shows the work of a photographer who pictured a music festival in the 1960’s. 

Buildings of Prague Castle
View over the city from Prague Castle
Old Lane

When the sun came out again, we decided to visit Prague Castle. Because it’s built onto a hill (I know, most castles are …) you have a wonderful view over the city – this time from the western side of the Vlatva River

The large St. Vitrus Cathedral was equally impressive as all the other old buildings that form the castle. And to stand at the window of Prague Defenestration 1618 felt unreal. Imagine how many important things have happened there in all this time! 

At the end of our visit were strolled through Gold Lane (and took this picture in front of the house where Franz Kafka apparently lived once) and ate some chimney cake which is a Bohemian specialty that you can get at almost every corner in Prague. 

In the evening we ate at a very nice and calm Italian restaurant at Wenceslas Square. 

The view from our hotel

On our last day in Prague we went shopping in the city centre and got some last impressions of other parts of town by going by tram – like this cute old one. 

All in all I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with Prague! If you’re looking for a city like New York or London, you won’t find what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a city like Paris or Vienna, you’re definitely right in Prague. The old achitecture is proof that the city wasn’t bombed during World War Two as much as many german cities were – this makes the feeling you get by wandering through the streets so special. 

I hope you liked this travel post! Check out my instagram for more pictures of this and other trips as well! 

Have a nice weekend everyone and until next time! 


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