Single Of The Month: April 

This month’s single might be one that you’ve been waiting for as well: Young And Menace by Fall Out Boy. And it might also be one that you’re disapponited of. 

I have discovered Fall Out Boy quite late, which means when their last album American Beauty/American Psycho came out in 2015. I instantly loved its pop punk sound and listened to more of their stuff. I have to admit that I’m still more familiar with their newer releases (their last three albums), but I’ve been loving everything that I know, which means that I’ve been waiting for a new album/single as well. 

Now if you like their old stuff, that sounds more like progresssive/punk rock, better you’ll probably not be happy about Young And Menace. It is more electronic than their previous releases. I guess I still find it pleasing because I kind of like dubstep elements compared with rock or punk music. 

I see why many people are very disapponited of the evolution the band has gone through musically-wise. But in my opinion you can like that or not – and if not, just don’t listen to it and stick to their older music. They can produce whatever they want to and the people who like it can listen to it. 

All in all I still hope that not every song on their new album will be like Young And Menace  and rather like their songs on Save Rock And Roll and American Beauty/American Psycho. I’m going to keep you updated on my opinion on MAN I A when it is released. 


Since it was very hard to pick a favourite single this month, I’d like to recommend you two other songs as well. I like them equally to Young And Menace, so they definitely deserve a few words here: 

One of them is Feed The Machine by Nickelback. I know that many people hate this band, but I do like pretty much all of their stuff. If you do as well, you’ll definitely be happy to listen to this new single by them. 

The second one is Life Of The Party by All Time Low. My single of the month in March was one of their new singles and this song is just as good. I’m even surprised how much I like both of them. Very excited for the album to be honest! 


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