Album Of The Month: April 

I’m sorry that this month’s album of the month actually comes to you in May, but I didn’t have the time to finish the blogpost yesterday. Anyways, here it is … 

About a week ago Incubus released their new album 8. I’d only known their commercially most successful songs like Love Hurts until then, but I was curious, so I decided to give the new album a try. Which was a very good idea! 

Its sound is exactly what I am looking for in a rock album, every song flows, makes you feel good and even motivates you do do sports (at least in my case, haha).

After the first time listening to the release, Undefeated immediately got stuck in my head. It’s rather slow and emotional, but that’s exactly why I like it that much. 

Now that I know the album better, I remember more songs that are defnitely worth listening to, like No Fun, State Of The Art, Loneliest or Throw Out The Map. 

Of course I can’t compare 8 to Incubus’s older albums, but I’m pretty sure you’ll like it if you’ve been listening to the band for a longer time – and if you like bands like Hoobastank and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

I hope your April was nice and I wish you a very happy May as well! 


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